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Professional Training Program

At OneDance Creative Art Centre, we are excited to be offer a Professional Training Program (PTP). The program is suitable for dancers who are considering a career in dance, or those who are passionate and committed about the art form, or simply those who LOVE to dance!


Our Professional Training Program offers ballet training in the Vaganova (Russian) method. This ballet training method is the same used at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy, and is internationally recognized as one of the world’s most respected ballet training methods.


Required hours of ballet training for dancers represent the minimum Professional Dance Training Program (PTP) in 5 levels.

PTP 1  age 6 – 8 years            3 hours/week includes 1 hour conditioning

PTP 2 age 9 – 12 years           5.5 hours per week includes 1 hour conditioning

PTP 3  age 12 – 14 years        8 hours per week includes 1 hour conditioning

PTP 4  age 14 – 16 years        10 hours per week includes 1 hour conditioning

PTP 5  age 16 – 18 years        13 hours per week includes contemporary and conditioning

Dancers can expect to spend 2 – 3 years in each level.

Dancers are strongly encouraged to add more classes and/or competitive pieces outside of the base program. Dancers will be placed in the program levels based on ability rather than age. Some levels/classes may be combined. There is some flexibility in scheduling, especially for those who have intense academic or physical demands outside of this program.


The Professional Training Program at OneDance is a world class program that will train dancers to the highest levels in ballet technique. Dancers entering the program will focus on ballet training. All levels require conditioning class. Higher level students take contemporary dance, and potentially any other form of dance that they wish. Students may enter the program because they LOVE to dance, or because they are considering the many benefits of dance training. Some dancers may pursue a career in performance or pursue a teaching certification upon completion of this program.
We encourage you to book an appointment to discuss the possibility of you or your child’s entrance into the program. Please contact us for further information.  We are truly excited to offer this opportunity for the best in dance education to both new and existing students.


Professional Training Program Benefits:


Students entering the Professional Training Program (PTP) at OneDance will benefit in many ways. Here are just a few of the fantastic things about the program:

  • Professional teachers certified in the Russian ballet training method (Vaganova Method). The Russian ballet training method is one of the best in the world. Dancers such as Anna Pavlova, Mikhail Baryshnikov and Rudolf Nureyev are household names and whose fame is owed to the Russian method.
  • The program features a focus on correct ballet fundamentals. There is no easy way to learn ballet. Mastering the art form comes only from hard work and dedication. The program allows the student to take the time needed to perfect their technique in a slow and steady method.
  • The program is age specific. Early training for young dancers is the best way to begin. The Russian method is very clear about what students can master and at what age.
  • The program gives each student a sense of community and belonging. All students in the program will work closely with each other and will learn to depend on each other for friendship and encouragement.
  • Parents will be a part of a network of other parents who can work together to ride share, car pool, fundraise, and be a part of the dance studio life.
  • Small class size – your child will be given ballet instruction is small classes. Each student will receive more individual attention in every class.
  • Friends! Friendships made with fellow dancers last a lifetime. Students make friends outside of regular school and have another circle of people to count on and have fun with.
  • Performance opportunities – students in the PTP will receive additional performance opportunities that may not be given to those students in the recreational dance program.
  • Dance makes you smarter – studies have proven that those who study dance do better in school. Overall marks in all subjects increase with dance training.
  • Dance keeps the body active and fit. It is no secret that fitness is one of the keys to health and longevity.
  • Dance improves strength and flexibility, which keeps muscles and joints healthy.
  • Dance improves posture and balance. You can always tell a dancer by their poise and grace in every movement that they make.
  • Dance reduces stress Students who dance have an outlet for stress. Forget your troubles when you dance!
  • Dance can offer insights into other art forms and cultures. Through dance, you may dance with masks from Vienna, or hear music from Argentina. The entire world is open to students who dance.
  • Dance boosts confidence and self esteem. Performing on stage benefits dancers with increased confidence in all other areas of their lives.
  • Dance offers a creative outlet and a means of self expression. As we grow as dancers we put our own expression into the movement, and this is what makes it unique and beautiful.
  • Dance teaches dependability. Be part of a group, be there for each other, be on time, be dependable. This is some of what dance teaches.
  • Dance is FUN! No one ever regretted one moment spent dancing!



Acceptance into the Pre-Professional Program by audition only. At the audition we will assess each dancers’ alignment, anatomy, any injuries, and technical dance level. We welcome all dancers, beginner to advanced, to audition for this program. Dancers from other schools are encouraged to audition.


Interested students should contact the office to book their audition.


Recreational Program

We also offer recreational classes in many dance styles! Perfect for the dancer who is starting out, who has other activities, or who wishes to experience the joy of dance without the commitment of the PTP. Recreational dancers experience our same high caliber teaching staff and commitment to quality dance training. For more information please email us at or see our schedule page!