OneDance | Tiana Johnson

Tiana Johnson


Tiana has loved music ever since she was a baby. From her very first steps she would skip and dance wherever she went. She loves to move.


Tiana was born in Calgary and started ballet classes at the age of three.  Her first dance recital was There Was An Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe—which, according her parents, was “two minutes of the cutest thing ever!”


Tiana and her family moved to North Vancouver in 2007 where she continued with Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, and Tap. But it wasn’t until she moved studios to One Dance in 2008 that Tiana truly found her home. Her classes have included Irish, Lyrical Jazz, Contemporary, Novelty Stage, Jazz, and Ballet. In 2014, much to her enjoyment, she entered her first competition, and this year has joined Genesis Youth Dance Company.


When Tiana is not at the studio or doing turns around the house, she enjoys playing piano, painting, reading, studying, and spending time with friends.  Over the summer, Tiana had the opportunity to volunteer as a Junior Leader on Grouse Mountain. There she continued to develop her leadership skills working with children and wildlife on the mountain.


“My favourite part about dancing is when I’ve been working so hard at something and I finally get it, it’s one of the best feelings in the world and when that happens at dance I can’t help but feel really happy with myself.”