OneDance | Stella Westling

Stella Westling


Stella Westling has been dancing at One Dance since the tender age of 4. Now, at the ripe old age of 10, she is as dedicated as ever and loving her dance community. As many at the studio already know, Stella is one of the most outgoing, friendly and warm hearted girl you will ever meet. She’ll never leave the studio right away and always asks every dancer if they have a ride home, just in case. What some may not know though is that she is fiercely competitive and incredibly hard working. Dancing for Stella doesn’t just remain ‘in studio’, but continues at school performances, in the pool, in the yard, at home and pretty much anywhere she can squeak enough room to bust a couple of moves. Her little sister Paloma also benefits from this as there are many a choreographed by Stella routines continuously running at home. Their father remembers the quiet times…


In the past 2 years, Stella has added to her ballet repertoire some contemporary and hip hop. But her biggest accomplishment and dream was realized this year when she was finally allowed on pointe. She can often be spotted at home setting the table for dinner ‘on pointe’, brushing her teeth ‘on pointe’, and  any other chores ‘on pointe’. Besides dance, Stella also trains in rhythmic gymnastics, which has only enhanced her strength, flexibility and strong dancer character working with her Russian coach 😉 Among her stronger traits are her ability to not take critiques personally and her ability to consciously apply technique related feedback.


Outside of the dance studio, Stella attends the Francophone school Andre-Piolat and participates in school performances and athletic teams. She is dedicated to her school work and always ensures to get the homework done prior to the busier dance nights. She loves going to dance performances of every type and attending dance workshops. This year, another dream came true as she went to the So You Think You Can Dance tour which came to Vancouver this February. Besides mastering a split jump, walk over, aerial or various hip hop moves, Stella’s other passion is water. If you ever need to find her on a beach, you need not look far: just walk towards the water and you’ll find her – no matter how cold it is. So if any choreographers out there are wanting to realize an Esther Williams dance routine in the water, just feel free to contact her: she’ll always be game.