OneDance | Sarah Myskiw

Sarah Myskiw


Sarah Myskiw is 12 years old and is currently taking Contemporary, Ballet  and Pre Pointe classes at One Dance Studio.

She started out taking ballet 1x per week as a toddler and has been obsessed with dance ever since!

Sarah comes by her love of dance genetically. Her great Grandmother Dora Dann was a professional ballerina and also owned the only Dance shop in Vancouver back in the day.

When Sarah is not dancing at One Dance she can be found helping Sue out with some of the younger student’s classes or just hanging around the studio soaking up the Dance vibe. Sarah has other interests as well as dance. She loves animals especially horseback riding. Sarah enjoys basketball, track and field, babysitting and assisting with some of the special needs children at Eastview Elementary school.

Sarah looks forward to dancing as much as she can in the future and she was truly elated to be named dancer of the month.