OneDance | Nicolas Belluk

Nicolas Belluk


The greatest advantage of membership in a tightly knit dance community is the chance to sample and explore varied styles of classical and contemporary dance. It’s the diversity and enthusiasm of the OneDance world that keeps Nicholas coming back for more.


Nicholas started dancing at a small studio in rural Ontario — the lone boy in an acro class of girls. Later, following many evenings spent at ceilidhs one summer in PEI, Nicholas was bitten by the step-dancing bug. Noisy, fast and exciting was right up this young boy’s alley and he studied with Chanda Leahy for three years.


When his family returned to BC in 2010, Nicholas had the good fortune to meet Sarah at a hair salon, where Sarah informed him that while she knew of no step-dancing classes on the North Shore, she knew an amazing Irish dance teacher at a fun and supportive dance studio not far away…


The rest, as they say, is history. Nicholas is still mostly the lone boy in a class of girls and treks to OneDance from Bowen Island every week, studying hip-hop, contemporary, Irish and ballet. He’s challenged and proud to be a first-year member of the Genesis Youth Company and is anticipating the excitement of his first experience of dance competitions.


Nicholas currently attends Grade 10 at  Mulgrave School where he sings in two choirs, runs cross-country, plays the double bass and does community service work in the graphic design club. Nicholas is also an accomplished violinist and enthusiastic photographer.