OneDance | Grace Willock

Grace Willock


Grace’s first experience with dance was through Pink Petal Ballet as a preschooler.

In 2006, when she was six years old, Grace discovered OneDance, beginning as an Irish dancer and over the years adding jazz, ballet, pointe, contemporary, and acrobatics to her repertoire. This past summer, in addition to participating in dance workshops and classes at OneDance, Grace danced at Harbour Dance Centre in Vancouver where she studied both ballet and contemporary dance. Grace is proud to be a member of OneDance’s Genesis Youth Contemporary Dance Company. A highlight of the past year was receiving a special achievement award at Shine Dance Festival in North Vancouver for a jazz trio. The instructors and other dancers at OneDance have made the studio Grace’s second home.


Grace balances hours of dance each week with school and the rest of her life. Currently in grade 10 at West Vancouver Secondary, Grace maintains a high level of academic achievement and is especially interested in biology and math. She volunteers at her school library and the Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre. Grace’s current creative projects include sewing, knitting, woodworking, crafting, and cooking. But above all, her favourite mode of self-expression is dance.