Dress Code

OneDance Studio wants you to have an exciting and rewarding experience in our classes. Please take a few minutes to view the dress code and polices of our centre. Our dress code is available in a printable version for your convenience. You will find the policy information following the dress code guidelines below:

  • All students should bring a water bottle with a lid to class.
  • Hair must always be neatly off the face.
  • All ballet and jazz students age 6+ must wear a bun to class.
  • No jewelry allowed in class or during performances.
  • Students without dress code attire including hair requirements may no be allowed to take class.
  • Students who are late for class may not be able to take class.


All students registered in a performing class will be given at least one annual performance opportunity in June. All classes will perform in the shows unless otherwise advised (Ballet technique only classes, some adult classes, and conditioning, etc). Please note that there will be a dress rehearsal for all shows, usually on a school/work day. You and your child will be expected to miss part of a day of school or work for dress rehearsal for each show. You may also be required to attend additional rehearsals on evenings or weekends close to show dates.

Competitive students will compete in at least two competitions per year. Competitions often fall on a school day. Competitive students must be prepared to miss school to attend competitions. Competitive students may be offered additional performance opportunities over the year. Competitive students must sign a competitive agreement. For more information regarding our competitive programs, please contact us.

Statutory Holidays & Scheduled Closures

OneDance is closed on all statutory holidays and scheduled North Vancouver School District winter and spring breaks. Classes will be held on all school professional days. In the event of a Monday statutory holiday, classes will be held on the preceding Friday and Saturday unless otherwise advised (excepting Easter weekend when we close Friday through Monday).
Please see our calendar page or click below to download a calendar.

Note: The Studio is open for all school professional days. Also, if the statutory holiday falls on a Monday, classes will run as usual on the preceding Friday and Saturday. Exceptions: Easter weekend we close Friday – Monday, also competitive classes are not usually held on the Saturday before a stat. Emails will be sent to this effect if any classes are not held. 


We welcome any and all inquiries. Our preferred method of communication is via email at onedance@shaw.ca. Our office hours vary depending on class scheduling, so if we are unable to pick up the phone, please call our office and leave a message. We will gladly return your call as soon as possible.

Late Policy
Students must be on time for class. Students who are more than 10 minutes late for class may not be allowed to participate. It is unsafe to dance without warming up in a safe manner. Arriving to class after participating in another activity does not constitute a warm up.

Refund / Withdrawal Policy

  • Annual administration/membership fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.
  • A $35 membership fee is charged annually to all Preschool and Adult dancers enrolled in our Sessional programs.
  • Clients in our Sept – June (dance year) programs will be charged a $100 membership fee per family.
  • Students in our Preschool or Adult Sessional programs have 3 weeks from the beginning of each session (3 sessions per dance year) to request a refund. After this time students will be committed until the end of the posted session dates.
  • Students in our dance-year programs (running Sept – June) may request a withdrawal from any class until January 1 each year .Withdrawals must be given to OneDance Creative Art Centre in writing with 30 days notice of withdrawal.
  • There are NO REFUNDS OR WITHDRAWALS granted after January 1 for any reason whatsoever except for medical, accompanied by doctor’s note.
  • Withdrawals and refunds/payment cessation may be requested with 30 days notice between September and January each year. Due to our contracts with teachers, refunds will only be granted for future month classes. In other words, refunds or payment cessation requested in September will be granted for October onward. The student must pay for the current month even if they do not attend all classes in the current month. Students who stop attending classes after January 1 annually will continue to pay fees until June of the current dance year (Sept – June). Please seriously consider your dance commitment. Even students who do not attend classes will be charged monthly fees until June of the current dance year.

OneDance Studios asks that you seriously consider your commitment to dance before you register for a class, and make sure that you can attend your class for the full session or term that you have registered.

Duration of Programs

Adult and pre-school programs usually run in 10- to 12-week sessions. School-age children must register for the dance year, from September to June. We do accept and welcome new students in September, as well as January and March in some programs.

Missed Classes

OneDance is not responsible for classes missed by the student. Missed classes cannot be transferred, made up or carried to other sessions. OneDance reserves the right to miss 1 class per scheduled weekly class per year. If for any reason we cancel more than 1 class, this class will be made up to students by June of each year. Students may be offered to attend another class to make up their missed class. For example, students who miss an intermediate ballet class may be offered to make up this class at any other weekly intermediate ballet class running during the week.
Please note: Paying for or attending classes constitutes acceptance of our waiver and policies, including our refund policy. This includes drop-ins or regular class attendance.

OneDance Creative Art Centre is permanently closed. We wish to thank all of our students, staff and supporters for two decades of dance performance and education. Susan Heimsoth is teaching dance at Pro Dance in West Vancouver. She is also teaching adults at The Dance Conservatory. In addition to teaching, Susan is creating short films using the language of dance and music. She is also working as a professional photographer. Please contact Susan via her new website for information on her classes and creative work: OneDance.caOneDance