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Jessie MacDonald

Jessie has been performing and training in dance for the past 20 years. Being from Waterloo, Ontario She took gymnastics classes while having the passion for dance at the early age of four. At the age of eight she began training in Jazz which pushed forth the ultimate beginning of her passion and progression for dance and started to involve more genres including Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary, Breakdancing and Hip Hop.She currently still attends classes at a high level of professionalism that have included master workshops from professional Choreographers including Mark Samuels, Luther Brown, Blake McGrath, Tara­ Jean Popowich and Paul Becker. She was drawn to the quick and controlled movements of Hip Hop and Contemporary which seemed to be her specialty but has always evolved her teaching career in many other genres and aspects of instructing including Creative dance, Jazz, Lyrical and Acro Dance in which she is currently receiving her full certification from attending the Acrobatique A.D.A.P.T Junior level 1,2,3 program. She has been instructing for eight years and is very excited for the journey and progression ahead as a choreographer and dance Instructor from the love and passion she has for dance.

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