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What our clients are saying about OneDance


As a parent

As a parent with little to no knowledge of dance I have come to know and trust the One Dance team implicitly with the care and development of my children. They firmly believe in continuous learning and are always applying the most recent techniques to safeguard my children’s physical well being, while developing the highest level of technique. Their holistic approach to dance takes into consideration not only my children’s ability, but also their emotional readiness to take on more challenges. They provide an inclusive and supportive environment in which children’s love of dance can flourish. My children have come to see them as a second family – and it is precisely that depth of care that I look for in a program.

~Carolina Radovan

I’ve always been impressed

I’ve always been impressed with the quality of the teachers here. They care about the kids, they make them love the dance, they make them want to work harder… they make it fun!

~Christe S.

Dancing at OneDance

Dancing at OneDance throughout my high school years has not only allowed me to grow as a dancer, but also strengthened myself as both a person and visual artist through its unique culture of creativity and self-expression. Although I miss dancing at this studio, its delightful teachers, fun filled classes, and energizing spirit has inspired me to continue dancing with the Dance Horizons Company at UBC and even become part of the executive team in hopes of encouraging others to partake in this beautiful form of art.

~ Vanessa Grondin

My connection with OneDance started even before the studio had opened

My connection with OneDance started even before the studio had opened; I took pre-school classes with Susan at the local recreation centre and when, a few years later, she told me she was opening her own studio, I jumped at the chance to dance again. It had been a few years since I had taken any dance classes, and I started with hip-hop. The following semester I took ballet, where I found my true passion and I fell in love with all things dance. I was given many wonderful opportunities over the years: a variety of classes, competition performances, but the highlight of my time with OneDance was dancing the lead role of Dorothy in “The Wizard of OneDance”. Made possible by the studio, my ballet instructor Lisa Forrest, and her parents, Karen and Rod, who wrote and created the story, I had my first taste of a story ballet. To be able to experience the collaboration of so many people, all working towards the goal of putting on a good show, was such a privilege at a young age, and I had so much fun doing it!

I grew up at OneDance; and I spent most of my formative years there, dancing my heart out and meeting amazing people. All of my teachers were supportive, encouraging, and devoted to their students; everyone at the studio was friendly, and they created such an amazing environment to grow up in. The people I danced with and learned from at OneDance helped shape the person and dancer I am today. After graduating from high school I started the professional training program at Pacific DanceArts; now I am dancing with the pre-professional company affiliated with the school, Coastal City Ballet. Dance has taken me all over the lower mainland and all over the world: I have trained at Boston Ballet and Oklahoma City Ballet, and spent time auditioning in Europe as well! I love that I am following my passion and able to pursue it because of the strong foundation I was given at OneDance. Being a dancer, one doesn’t always find such a supportive and loving environment: in studios and classes, but this is the heart of OneDance, to nurture everyone’s love of dance.

~Emily B.