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OneDance Creative Art Studio is a dance school in North Vancouver. OneDance offers dance lessons from 3 years old to adult. Learn to dance in a fun and safe dancing environment! Dance classes offered are: ballet, acro, pre-school dance, jazz & lyrical jazz, contemporary dance, tap, hip-hop, Irish Dance, Musical Theatre, Jumps, Turns & Strength Class, and Pointe.
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Classes Offered

OneDance Studios invites you to learn more about our classes. With a range of styles from ballet to hip-hop, we are sure to have a class your child will love.

We have options for beginners, adults and students hoping to make dance a career.

Class Levels

Levels shown on our schedule are guidelines, and all placement is by teacher approval only. Each dancer progresses at their own pace, and some dancers may spend more or less time in each level. This can be dependent upon many things including age, previous training in other dance styles, and previous training in complimentary sports like gymnastics or figure skating. Some levels are combined for certain dance styles.


The class levels are guidelines. Students will be placed by instructor approval and should expect to stay more than one year in any level. Exceptions are possible, but the final decision is up to the teacher. It is beneficial for students to dance at an appropriate level rather than attempt to advance beyond their capability. OneDance keeps the best interest of the student in mind during placement. Placement for the following year is given to each student in June. Any student may register in any beginner level class without approval. New students wishing to enter an intermediate or higher level should contact us to arrange a placement class.

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons in most styles offered at our studio. Private lessons can be a great way to work on technique, especially in Ballet, and get one – on – one attention from the teacher. Private lessons can also be a good way to get clarification on choreography or any class material following an absence, upon entering a higher level class, or any time the student wants extra time with the teacher. Please inquire about our private lessons by contacting the studio.

Classes and Fees

Class Descriptions


Attention all dancers! No matter what your favourite dance style is, ballet class will improve your posture, flexibility, strength, poise, alignment and your mood! Have fun with ballet this year! Placement classes for ballet are scheduled in June, August and September each year. All students are placed according to ability and we welcome all ballet students from beginner to advanced levels. Pointe class is available upon instructor approval.

Contemporary (Modern) Dance

Modern, or contemporary dance, takes you outside the box, with movement that is original, challenging and joyful. Contemporary dance began as a movement away from ballet – using the body in its full range of motion without set body positions. Use of contraction and release, grounding, breath and joy are aspects of each class. There are now many set techniques in modern dance – from Graham to Cunningham technique and so much more. Teachers will draw from several styles of modern dance, work on technical placement and alignment, and teach a performance piece for our annual show.

Novelty Stage Class

Lip sync to your favorite musical! Novelty Stage class offers students the chance to act out a part in a musical/variety song, and perform this on stage with a dance routine. We use lots of props, expression, and comedy to create a memorable performance piece. Simple dance steps and vocals are presented in each class. These skills are then combined to teach students how to project to the audience, have confidence, learn to act, and have a lot of fun.

Competition Class

We are a non-competitive school for our overall programs. For those who wish to enter competitions, there are separate competition classes offered in Ballet and jazz, and solos, duets, trios in ballet or many other styles by request. Competition class students can expect higher than usual costume fees of about $100 to $150 per costume. Our costume rental program does not apply to this class. Additional rehearsals outside of class time may also be required, as well as travel and possible hotel expenses to competitions outside of Greater Vancouver within BC. To find out more about this program, please contact us.


Acro class features training in acrobatics and basic gymnastics. Students will increase strength and flexibility in this class. Beginners will start with somersaults, bridges, and cartwheels. As students gain strength and flexibility they will learn handstands, round-offs, walkovers, and eventually aerials and more!


Try the latest moves in hip-hop. Bring your own groove and learn some new style. Beginners are welcome, classes are for all levels unless otherwise specified. Hip-hop class will include stretching and strength work, and then students will learn a routine to perform in our annual performance at a theatre. Hip-hop class uses more pedestrian movements, as well as popping and locking – meaning isolating one body part. Routines are created to the latest hip-hop music. Some break dance moves may also be taught and incorporated into routines.

Jazz Dance

Jazz dance class will begin with a full stretch and warm-up, and then work on combinations across the floor. At the end of the class, students learn choreography that is added to each week. Jazz dance has a technical base that includes working in parallel and turned out positions. Ballet training is a definite asset. Jazz students are encouraged to study ballet in order to achieve higher placement in jazz classes. Different teachers will cover broadway, lyrical, funk or contemporary styles of jazz over the year. With our jazz schedule, there is something for everyone!

Tap Dance

Tap dance is the most fun your feet ever had. Students learn basic rhythms using heel and toe taps, and then begin to combine tap rhythms that become progressively more complex. We offer tap dance for school-age students to adults.

Pre-School Dance

We have found that children ages 3-5 are eager to dance and learn creative movement. At OneDance, our classes are taught first from a joyful perspective, with lots of added imagination and flair. Your child will hop, twirl, jump, skip and plié with our amazing dance teachers.

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