OneDance | About OneDance Creative Art Studio
OneDance Creative Art Studio is a dance school in North Vancouver. OneDance offers dance lessons from 3 years old to adult. Learn to dance in a fun and safe dancing environment! Dance classes offered are: ballet, acro, pre-school dance, jazz & lyrical jazz, contemporary dance, tap, hip-hop, Irish Dance, Musical Theatre, Jumps, Turns & Strength Class, and Pointe.
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About OneDance

OneDance was established in 2001. A dedicated group of teachers banded together who wanted to teach dance with a different approach than was common among some dance educators. The most important aspect to teaching dance that we observe is that dance is firstly joyful and fun. There is a way of teaching that is full of inspiration, where corrections are given without judgment to the student. Dancers are encouraged to express who they are inside while they dance from their very first class. 

We believe that the inner soul of the dancer is what makes the dancer unique and beautiful, and that inner spirit is what great dancers are made of.

To assist with this concept, we use tools such as visualization in class, we dance about stories, we talk about what the dance is about, we ask the students what the movement means to them, or how it makes them feel. There are no wrong answers to these questions. We practice breathing while we dance. By making mind-body connections in class, the dancers  eventually learn to make these connections by themselves. They learn that it is OK to make mistakes, and that if you are true to yourself, the dance is always beautiful.


In addition, we believe that all forms of dance are important. Whether a student studies ballet or hip hop, Irish dance or musical theatre, every genre is beautiful and important. Yes, ballet is the fundamental training required by great dancers. We encourage ballet training to all students. We also recognize that every dance class benefits every student in some way. The benefits of dance are endless, regardless of what style resonates with the student.


We believe that everyone has rhythm. Everyone has a heartbeat, and that rhythm is inside everyone from the day that they were born. The natural ability to dance is often repressed in our society due to social norms in our culture. It is our mandate to help keep that natural movement alive and encourage its growth. Whether a student is a child or an adult, into jazz, tap or contemporary dance, we will nourish that spark. If the goal is to become a professional or if the student is just dancing for recreation, we are here to guide their journey.