Our History

OneDance was established in 2001. A dedicated group of teachers banded together who wanted to teach dance with a different approach than was common among some dance educators. The most important aspect to teaching dance that we observe is that dance is firstly joyful and fun. There is a way of teaching that is full of inspiration, where corrections are given without judgment to the student. Dancers are encouraged to express who they are inside while they dance from their very first class.

We believe that the inner soul of the dancer is what makes the dancer unique and beautiful, and that inner spirit is what great dancers are made of.

To assist with this concept, we use tools such as visualization in class, we dance about stories, we talk about what the dance is about, we ask the students what the movement means to them, or how it makes them feel. There are no wrong answers to these questions. We practice breathing while we dance. By making mind-body connections in class, the dancers eventually learn to make these connections by themselves. They learn that it is OK to make mistakes, and that if you are true to yourself, the dance is always beautiful.

In addition, we believe that all forms of dance are important. Whether a student studies ballet or hip hop, Irish dance or musical theatre, every genre is beautiful and important. Yes, ballet is the fundamental training required by great dancers. We encourage ballet training to all students. We also recognize that every dance class benefits every student in some way. The benefits of dance are endless, regardless of what style resonates with the student.

We believe that everyone has rhythm. Everyone has a heartbeat, and that rhythm is inside everyone from the day that they were born. The natural ability to dance is often repressed in our society due to social norms in our culture. It is our mandate to help keep that natural movement alive and encourage its growth. Whether a student is a child or an adult, into jazz, tap or contemporary dance, we will nourish that spark. If the goal is to become a professional or if the student is just dancing for recreation, we are here to guide their journey.

Testimonials From Google

    5 star review  One of the best decisions I’ve made for my kids is sending them to this wonderful dance school. We came from a huge school in Vancouver and felt very lost in their dance program. The first day this summer that my children tried a class at One Dance, we knew we had to switch over. Although my children had to catch up on their technique, I saw a change in their love for dance. They actually look forward to class now and also dance/stretch at home. One Dance feels like a family and I’m so happy here!

    thumb ThaiFamilyVideo .

    5 star review  We really enjoy the Russian method of Vaganova being taught at One Dance. One Dance is an amazing dance school that makes us happy to be there. Thank you to Ms Sue and Mr Ciprian for being great teachers to us! We wouldn’t want to go anywhere else!!!

    thumb Christian Dy

    5 star review  One Dance thrives to provide the best dance experience for anyone who wants to dance. Everyone is made welcome whether they love to dance and want to dance for fun/exercise or want to dance professionally. They provide classes for beginning dancers who are 3 years old or 30 years old. They create an environment where everyone can be expected to work hard as well has have a lot of fun. They are full of love and caring for all their students and when you dance with them you become one of the family.

    thumb Anne Ellis

    5 star review  A wonderful dance studio. Sue and her teachers are fantastic and great role models, which was important to me right from the start because my daughter was potentially going to be spending a fair bit of time here. The ballet program is very strong, and the method is Vaganova (Russian), a wonderful additional discovery for me. This studio has so much heart and professionalism. Both my son and daughter have been supported extremely well here. I’m grateful we found this studio. It is a gem.

    thumb Anne Pepper

    5 star review  I love One Dance! They do a great warm up and the choreography is super in-depth. I've been looking for a dance studio that really allows enough time to work on Choreo and I finally found the perfect dance studio. There are also opportunities to enter competitions which is super exciting for an adult dancer who dances it on the side for fun! The staff are warm and friendly. Highly recommend!

    thumb Ashley Evans

    5 star review  I have been going to One Dance for 4 years and I love it! The teachers foster their love for dance in the hearts of their students. Reception is always helpful, friendly and efficient. Thank you to Mrs. Susan for another wonderful year!

    thumb dcria

    5 star review  Dance technique and teaching is phenomenal. My kids feel like this place is a home away from home. The staff is so warm and sweet. So much positive energy. We love everyone there. They are our extended family 💗

    thumb Raian Alireza

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OneDance Creative Art Centre is permanently closed. We wish to thank all of our students, staff and supporters for two decades of dance performance and education. Susan Heimsoth is teaching dance at Pro Dance in West Vancouver. She is also teaching adults at The Dance Conservatory. In addition to teaching, Susan is creating short films using the language of dance and music. She is also working as a professional photographer. Please contact Susan via her new website for information on her classes and creative work: OneDance.caOneDance