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Jessica Haight

18 Jun 2015 Posted by OneDance in

Jessica has always had a love for dance; however, it wasn’t until she was 12 that she tried her first class at OneDance and discovered both her passion for dance and an amazing community of incredible teachers and dancers. Now at 16, Jessica takes primarily contemporary and ballet; although, she is continuing to discover more genres. She competed for the first time this year in Genesis. Jessica attends Argyle Secondary and outside of dance, she enjoys painting, writing, hiking, and running. She regularily participates in 8 km races. Jessica is an animal lover, with a dog, a cat, and two guinea pigs; she has organized several animal welfare fundraisers over the past year. Jessica also loves working with children and is a Sunday school teacher and summer camp counsellor. Jessica is honoured and excited to be Dancer of the Month and looking forward to her next year with OneDance.

Hannah Gibson

26 May 2015 Posted by OneDance in

Hannah’s first experience with dance was in a preschool dance program.  She came to Onedance in 2005 when she was in grade one.  Starting with Tap, she then moved on to Irish, eventually adding Jazz, Ballet, Pointe and Acro. This year was her first year in competition with a Lyrical duet and a Pointe trio. She enjoys working with her dance teachers and has made many great friendships in her dance world. Hannah is currently a grade 10 student at Carson Graham Secondary.  She has been involved in the concert band program since grade 5, playing Alto Saxophone.  She has also been part of the Cheer Team since grade 8.  Recently she volunteered for a week at Outdoor School in Squamish as a camp counsellor and is looking forward to volunteering there again soon.  Other interests include boating, skiing, swimming and baking. Hannah is looking forward to dancing more next…

Sarah Myskiw

01 Apr 2015 Posted by OneDance in

Sarah Myskiw is 12 years old and is currently taking Contemporary, Ballet  and Pre Pointe classes at One Dance Studio. She started out taking ballet 1x per week as a toddler and has been obsessed with dance ever since! Sarah comes by her love of dance genetically. Her great Grandmother Dora Dann was a professional ballerina and also owned the only Dance shop in Vancouver back in the day. When Sarah is not dancing at One Dance she can be found helping Sue out with some of the younger student’s classes or just hanging around the studio soaking up the Dance vibe. Sarah has other interests as well as dance. She loves animals especially horseback riding. Sarah enjoys basketball, track and field, babysitting and assisting with some of the special needs children at Eastview Elementary school. Sarah looks forward to dancing as much as she can in the future and she was truly…

Stella Westling

05 Mar 2015 Posted by OneDance in

Stella Westling has been dancing at One Dance since the tender age of 4. Now, at the ripe old age of 10, she is as dedicated as ever and loving her dance community. As many at the studio already know, Stella is one of the most outgoing, friendly and warm hearted girl you will ever meet. She’ll never leave the studio right away and always asks every dancer if they have a ride home, just in case. What some may not know though is that she is fiercely competitive and incredibly hard working. Dancing for Stella doesn’t just remain ‘in studio’, but continues at school performances, in the pool, in the yard, at home and pretty much anywhere she can squeak enough room to bust a couple of moves. Her little sister Paloma also benefits from this as there are many a choreographed by Stella routines continuously running at home….

Tiana Johnson

11 Feb 2015 Posted by OneDance in

Tiana has loved music ever since she was a baby. From her very first steps she would skip and dance wherever she went. She loves to move.   Tiana was born in Calgary and started ballet classes at the age of three.  Her first dance recital was There Was An Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe—which, according her parents, was “two minutes of the cutest thing ever!”   Tiana and her family moved to North Vancouver in 2007 where she continued with Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, and Tap. But it wasn’t until she moved studios to One Dance in 2008 that Tiana truly found her home. Her classes have included Irish, Lyrical Jazz, Contemporary, Novelty Stage, Jazz, and Ballet. In 2014, much to her enjoyment, she entered her first competition, and this year has joined Genesis Youth Dance Company.   When Tiana is not at the studio or doing…

Nicolas Belluk

13 Jan 2015 Posted by OneDance in

The greatest advantage of membership in a tightly knit dance community is the chance to sample and explore varied styles of classical and contemporary dance. It’s the diversity and enthusiasm of the OneDance world that keeps Nicholas coming back for more.   Nicholas started dancing at a small studio in rural Ontario — the lone boy in an acro class of girls. Later, following many evenings spent at ceilidhs one summer in PEI, Nicholas was bitten by the step-dancing bug. Noisy, fast and exciting was right up this young boy’s alley and he studied with Chanda Leahy for three years.   When his family returned to BC in 2010, Nicholas had the good fortune to meet Sarah at a hair salon, where Sarah informed him that while she knew of no step-dancing classes on the North Shore, she knew an amazing Irish dance teacher at a fun and supportive dance…

Stephanie Grondin

25 Nov 2014 Posted by OneDance in

Stephanie has been dancing at OneDance Creative Art Centre for nine consecutive years, beginning in 2005 when she was 8 years old. Her passion for dance grew out of taking a single weekly ballet class to currently dancing advanced ballet, jazz, lyrical jazz, contemporary, and competitive choreography.   She is proud to be a member of the Genesis Youth Company since 2009, whose team spirit and support has always motivated her to dance to the best of her ability. They have achieved gold medal standings in competitions and have been invited to perform in special events such as the Youth Ignite Festival and Shine Gala Finale Fundraiser show.   Another of her most fulfilling experiences was performing in a challenging competitive jazz duet.  She pushed herself to connect with the dance in a way that fully encapsulated the audience to become immersed in the moment of its story.   Stephanie…

Grace Willock

04 Nov 2014 Posted by OneDance in

Grace’s first experience with dance was through Pink Petal Ballet as a preschooler. In 2006, when she was six years old, Grace discovered OneDance, beginning as an Irish dancer and over the years adding jazz, ballet, pointe, contemporary, and acrobatics to her repertoire. This past summer, in addition to participating in dance workshops and classes at OneDance, Grace danced at Harbour Dance Centre in Vancouver where she studied both ballet and contemporary dance. Grace is proud to be a member of OneDance’s Genesis Youth Contemporary Dance Company. A highlight of the past year was receiving a special achievement award at Shine Dance Festival in North Vancouver for a jazz trio. The instructors and other dancers at OneDance have made the studio Grace’s second home.   Grace balances hours of dance each week with school and the rest of her life. Currently in grade 10 at West Vancouver Secondary, Grace maintains…

Amanda Warner

10 Apr 2014 Posted by OneDance in

Amanda began dancing at OneDance in 2007 and has been passionate about it ever since. She is currently sixteen years old and in the eleventh grade. When she began dancing she hoped for a fun, new experience but she never expected that the studio would become her second home. At OneDance Amanda discovered her love for dance in many forms. Over the years she has accumulated training in ballet, pas de deux, pointe, jazz, lyrical, novelty, and contemporary dance. She has been motivated and inspired by her dance teachers who have strived to create a learning place that is creative, fun and rewarding. The creative outlet OneDance has provided has been ideal for her artistic and athletic growth. While growing up in such a nurturing and empowering environment she has met many incredible people and formed life long friendships. In the fall, Amanda will be entering her final year of…

Leighton Balagno

21 Jan 2014 Posted by OneDance in

Leighton Balagno, has danced at OneDance Creative Art Centre since 2006, where she has grown from the positive atmosphere and close friendships. Currently 17 years old, her love of dance, has inspired her to continue striving for excellence in other areas of her life.   Leighton has always had a love of dance and performing. She feels as though her passion for dance would not be prominent without the work of Onedance and their community in her life. Onedance has become a second home for Leighton, where she is excited to express herself through dance. For the past seven years, Leighton has trained in many styles of dance including ballet, pointe, pas-de-deux, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, acro and musical theatre. Ballet and contemporary are her favourite.   Leighton is graduating this year from Carson Graham Secondary. In addition to her work in dance, Leighton has been involved in various other performance and…