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Summer Programs

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We will be offering a range of Summer classes and camps for Summer 2018. Options for every dancer to enjoy some summer training!

Remember! Students in intermediate level or higher  (Sr. Division 2 – 5) in Ballet or Jazz are required to complete a minimum of 10 hours of dance training over the summer, although more is recommended. We recommend all dancers continue training over the summer in a combination of weekly classes and camps/intensives in order to keep their technical skills. Muscles can start to atrophy in as little as a two days if you stop using them!  Teachers often see a drop in level of dancers coming back after summer break. Don’t let all of your hard earned technical advancement go away!


Summer is also a great time to try out new dance styles, or try a class for the first time with a shorter session! We offer sampler camps for children to try out a variety of styles and get a better idea of what style of dance they may want to take in the Fall. Adults also enjoy trying a Beginner Jazz or Ballet class for the first time, or getting back into dance after an absence.

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